New Year = New Equipment = New Capabilities

With the New Year in full swing, it's a great time to take stock of all of the advancements we have made over the past year.  From building a budget to recognizing what machinery best benefits our growth and competitiveness in the machining world, a lot has happened in a short amount of time.  All of this research and decision-making has finally come to reality with our recent machinery purchases of:

    1. CNC Machining Centers:                                                   

        •  Haas VF-5SS
        •  Haas VF-2 (With Integrated Robot)

    2. CNC Routers 
            • Haas GR-510
            • Haas GR-712


        3. CNC Turning Center 
          • Haas ST-25Y


    With the new additions, our fleet of CNC machines is now at 14, and to say the least, the benefits of these purchases were well worth the investment.  So what are the benefits you ask, here are a few:

    1. Integrated Robot Automation:
    IRA provides simple, direct integration to third-party robots, allowing us to program and operate our 6-axis robot directly from our Haas machining center.  Our integrated robot enables us greater efficiencies and quality by performing specific tasks faster and with few errors.  It is also well suited for larger repetitive production runs, as well as dangerous, labor-intensive tasks. 

    2. Human Machine Interface: 
    HMI improves communications among various machines throughout our facility, providing real-time feedback, along with modifying the system without the need for reprogramming.  It also allows our new machines to produce parts at tighter tolerances, more consistently, and at a quicker pace.  

    3. EZ3K Shrink System:
    These new shrink fit chucks give us premium performance that provides us an advantage over manual tool changes.  With better-balanced tooling and less run-out at the tool holder, we are able to keep more consistent part finishes across all materials.  This will allow us increased speed and accuracy, which in return makes us more productive and competitive on longer running applications.  While we continue to progress to running more machine axis's, it will allow for greater clearance and access to parts over standard tool holders or collet chucks, further increasing our diversification of capabilities. 
    4. Live Tooling: 
    Live tooling on our turning centers greatly expands multiple processing capabilities.  It solves the access problem by adding a third linear axis to the turning-center turret, enabling rotary cutters to machine across the spindle center line.  Rather than taking a turned part to a second machine tool when it needs a slot milled or a hole drilled, lathes equipped with live tools can do simple milling/drilling/tapping, right on the turning center.   Efficiency is vital in today's machining world; this capability has changed how our company processes turning applications, saving time and money. 

    5. Vacuum & Vices: 
    Most machine shops hold down their parts with various clamps, magnets, and, in some cases, even screw them to the milling surface.  While these techniques do provide material security, there are other options for holding down parts.  Holding them by vacuum is one of them; it is a great advantage to have for CNC machining; it provides a near-perfect flat surface that is true to the spindle of your router.  The vacuum pulls the part tight against the table's reference surface, which offers excellent control of the workpiece while routing.  Vacuum tables also allow us to machine small thin parts with free-form outside contours that vices cannot hold, giving Airmate a unique machining advantage over our competition.  If the need does arise for vice held applications, we also provide that capability. 

        Diversity is what sets Airmate apart from our competition; with our in-house design and engineering department working closely with our customers, we ensure that parts are produced to customer specifications by using materials that have the best characteristics for the project at hand.  We continuously strive to be the best at what we do and are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations in quality, efficiency, service, pricing, and lead time.  We can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring; our opportunities are truly endless.  We will be sharing more advancements in the coming months; until then, please visit our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. 



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