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America's Heartland

Middle America has long been classified as "flyover states," comprised of more farms than booming metropolises and small family-owned businesses than Fortune 500 companies, but the  12 states  that constitute the Midwest have a way more to offer than many people give it credit for. Midwesterners value the simpler things in life like family, friends, and a hard day's work; there's not much fondness for extravagances or arrogance. Here are a few more values we base our company on, Published on August 30, 2016, by  Michael Schneider, CPTD® .      Neighborliness & Friendliness:  This might sound completely crazy, but in the Midwest, we have these things called block parties. No joke, we get together and celebrate the weekend, our families, and enjoy the company of our neighbors. In the workplace, this translates into collaborative environments, a sense of community, a willingness to lend a helping hand, and an emphasis on what r